We make beautiful products out of waste

Because the party ain't over when things get wasted
With This is waste our mission is to reduce waste by making new designer products out of them.

Our first product are our marbled vases and fruit bowls. At first glance, they look like they are made out of marble stone, but in fact they are made out of the paper waste of Studio Flash (our sister company www.studio-flash.be) and recycled wine bottle from local restaurants. (thank you Cultuurcafe Lokeren :))

WASTE isn’t WASTE, until we WASTE it!

Our products are all own design and handmade with love in our Studio.  They are made out of the paper waste of Studio Flash (our other company www.studio-flash.be) and upcycled wine bottles from local restaurants.

It is our mission to show the world that you can make beautiful products that stand out with respect for nature.

If you want to be part of our adventure and become a reseller of This Is Waste please contact us: info@studio-flash.be